WIA’s New Broadband and 5G Training Approved for Employer Grants Through Ohio’s TechCred Program

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) today announced its new Broadband and 5G training was approved as four separate credentials in Ohio’s TechCred Program, making employee participation in the training eligible for reimbursement through state-funded grants. TechCred gives employers in Ohio the chance to upskill current and future employees by reimbursing them for eligible, technology-focused credentials.

WIA’s Telecommunications Education Center designed the Broadband and 5G credentials as a first-of-its-kind training that equips students with the latest competencies required to design and deploy broadband infrastructure. As an approved set of credentials under TechCred, employers with a physical presence in Ohio can apply for TechCred funding for their Ohio W-2 employees.

“Providing opportunities for current and future employees to gain the skills they need to deploy 5G and broadband is a big deal for Ohio’s workforce and economy,” said WIA CTO Rikin Thakker. “WIA’s Telecommunication Education Center develops top-notch training programs like these Broadband and 5G credentials to meet the demand for a highly skilled broadband workforce.

“There is a big disparity between the demand for broadband workers and the size of the current workforce. TechCred grants for training like this will not only introduce various career options in the broadband industry to Ohioans but will also help build a workforce in Ohio capable of building the advanced networks Ohioans needs to thrive and do business. I applaud Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted for investing in the workforce of the future and for their partnership as we seek to bring quality broadband to all communities.”

On October 5th, WIA will host a webinar for Ohio employers to provide guidance on how to apply for TechCred funding for the Broadband and 5G credentials. Interested parties can sign up here for information.

The next TechCred application period opens on November 1st. For inquiries regarding WIA’s Broadband and 5G credentials through the TechCred program, email our team at techcred@wia.org

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