WIA and RadioSoft Establish Strategic Partnership for Frequency Coordination Services

ARLINGTON, VA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) and RadioSoft, Inc., (RadioSoft) today announced a strategic partnership for frequency coordination services.

Under the terms of the Agreement, RadioSoft will undertake to perform frequency coordination services for WIA customers under the direction and supervision of WIA. By virtue of the arrangement, WIA will be able to offer its industrial and business radio customers an expanded range of services in partnership with RadioSoft, the preeminent radio engineering firm in the field.  Longstanding WIA frequency coordinators Andy Barbour and John Brogan will continue to provide their decades of experience as part of the strategic partnership.

Patrick Halley, President and CEO of WIA, said: “We are proud of WIA’s history of coordination, processing hundreds of thousands of license applications for our valued customers, and excited to expand our capabilities in partnership with RadioSoft. What has set WIA apart over the years is our team of highly skilled frequency coordination specialists and I’m thrilled that seasoned WIA coordinators will continue to be at the center of this arrangement alongside the experts at RadioSoft.”

Mick Harkins, Director of Operations and IT at RadioSoft, said: “RadioSoft is pleased to be working with an industry leader like WIA to provide frequency coordination services on behalf of WIA customers and to expand our coordination staff. The philosophies of WIA, RadioSoft, and our coordinators all center around the customer being the priority. This partnership will allow us to build on our continued philosophy of being …a Customer Friendly Company. We expect a seamless transition with no impact to current WIA customers.”

About WIA: The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) represents the businesses that build, develop, own, and operate the nation’s wireless infrastructure. WIA advocates for the widespread, responsible deployment of wireless infrastructure to enable connectivity everywhere. From our beginnings in land mobile radio to paging and messaging, and from personal communications services (PCS) to tower and antenna siting, WIA has been instrumental in facilitating the emergence and growth of core wireless services. Since the inception of coordination committees in 1986, WIA has processed hundreds of thousands of applications.

About RadioSoft: With decades of experience, RadioSoft provides affordable radio planning software along with frequency coordination and engineering services and strives to be …a Customer Friendly Company.

For more information, please contact Marshall Miller at marshall.miller@wia.org or Mick Harkins at mick@radiosoft.com.

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