USTelecom Statement on the FCC Title II Vote

Today, the FCC voted to classify broadband as a Title II telecommunications service.

The following statement can be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, USTelecom President & CEO.

“These 400-plus pages of relentless regulation are proof positive that old orthodoxies die hard – even when the cost is failing to achieve internet for all. Our nation has a stark choice: Do we move forward together and connect everyone or dial it all back? Just two and a half short years ago we stood together for universal connectivity. Title II does nothing to advance that shared objective. In fact, it undermines it. And for what? This is a nonissue for broadband consumers, who have enjoyed an open internet for decades. Rather than pushing this harmful regulatory land grab, policymakers should keep their eyes on the real-world prize of building opportunity for everyone in a hyperconnected world.”

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