USTelecom 2021 Broadband Investment Forum

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From Washington to State Capitals to Wall Street, broadband connectivity and the drive toward universal connectivity is front and center.

As Congress wraps the infrastructure bill and prepares billions for state capitals to deploy high-speed broadband, USTelecom’s 2021 Broadband Investment Forum takes a look at what comes next for American connectivity with national and state policymakers, broadband CEOs and financial analysts.

Watch the event here

Featured Guests

![Photo of Gina Raimondo|150x150](upload://iO9JWHQuie4T7WBkY9KFTcMBtwL.png)
Gina Raimondo
Secretary of Commerce
![Photo of Kathy Grillo|150x150](upload://pGqUa9NGuJULLEPKHnpjQnYcBhu.png)
Kathy Grillo
SVP, Public Policy & Government Affairs, Verizon
USTelecom Board Chair
![Photo of Nick Jeffery|150x150](upload://lxJc20ncLmt0R9zWZoipGf1kPYT.jpeg)
Nick Jeffery
President & CEO
Frontier Communications
![Tony Thomas, Windstream|150x150](upload://3SywUiraRLMamEMo3j6Rqe0vl6N.png)
Tony Thomas
President & CEO
Windstream Communications
![Jason Williams|150x150](upload://p4reS6ZmRUhdVk2pQ2nzNp9VkOG.png)
Jason Williams
Blackfoot Communications
![USTelecom 2021 Broadband Investment Forum 1|150x150](upload://kaVYW9iOA31YVg8Hmi6VRGGTu3f.png)
Jonathan Spalter
President & CEO


State Broadband Investment: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Angie Bailey, Acting Director, North Carolina Broadband Infrastructure Office
  • Steven Porch, Chief Legal Counsel, Arkansas Department of Commerce
  • Chad Rupe, Montana Broadband Program Manager


The Upside: Deploying Fiber, Investing in Growth

  • Jonathan Chaplin, Analyst, New Street Research


Watch the event here


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