Strategies to Efficiently Deploy FTTH Networks

This online event, presented by Commscope, will discuss the strategies and techniques available for service providers to efficiently deploy FTTH networks, including reviewing innovative deployment architectures and technologies designed for a variety of deployment applications, from dense urban through to remote rural environments.

The webinar will review:

  • Drivers for FTTH deployment
  • Challenges being faced by network service providers and how this will challenge long term deployment plans
  • Network architectures available for service providers to deploy FTTH
  • Cover pros and cons of each type of network and why they are customized for different deployment environments
  • Network technology choices and how they overcome some of the challenges being faced today

You will gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by network deliver partners and provide some guiding principles along with alternative network solutions that could help to dive down the total cost of deployment and help to improve return on investment.

Presenter: Paul Hubbard, Senior Director Solutions Architect, Commscope

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