Safety LMS Trainer Summit 2021

Safety LMS Trainer Summit 2021

Safety LMS Trainer Summit 2021


AUSTIN, TX – Safety LMS held their Annual Trainer Summit the week of May 17th, 2021 shutting down all of their training to bring together 7 of their main trainers for the entire week in order to discuss curriculum changes and improvements, new rescue techniques and equipment, and upcoming standards changes.

With the growth of the industry in 2019, COVID in 2020 and another busy start to 2021, it’s been tough to get everyone in the same spot to discuss these changes, share training techniques, and ensure their national training network is providing the best possible curriculum for the industry.

“The fact that we’re taking the time to have this summit is an example of one of the many reasons I choose to apply my skills and experience at Safety LMS,” Senior Instructor Sean Cooper said.

Our goal of the trainer summit was to get our training updated but also to get the instruction as uniform as possible between instructors. If a customer goes through a Safety LMS course in remote South Dakota or at one of our main training facilities in Austin, Dallas, Corona, Atlanta or Columbia, MO the instruction and curriculum will be consistent and reliable.

“When planning this summit, we were very conscious of the time and investment that would be required for us to take the majority of our trainers away from their classes and bring them all to our headquarters in Austin,” Ben Bowman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Safety LMS, said.

Safety LMS prides itself on the level of commitment that each trainer has to teach not only based on curriculum, but also on their years, even decades, of experience working in the telecom and at-heights industries. Their entire staff is passionate about raising the level of their training as individuals, as a training organization, and as an industry overall.

“With a few newer trainers on our team it was great to see that immediately after everyone got together all the trainers started exchanging similar stories and techniques. From that point on it was clear how valuable this time was, not only for our team, but the industry in general and everyone who goes through the Safety LMS program,” Bowman said.

Soon, Safety LMS will be announcing a similar summit, open for all of our customer’s in-house trainers towards the end of the year. If you have a train the trainer on your team, stay tuned for more info on this! To stay up to date, subscribe to the Safety LMS newsletter at

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