Public-Private Partnerships + Effective SCRM

Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships for Effective Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chain disruptions pose significant challenges to organizations in today’s interconnected business landscape. Join USTelecom and Inside Cybersecurity for a webinar exploring the crucial role of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in mitigating and managing supply chain risks. You will gain insights into supply chain risk management, including the types of risks organizations face and their potential consequences.

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The webinar will address:

  • The benefits and mechanisms of PPPs in supply chain risk management.
  • How collaboration between government entities, regulatory bodies, and private enterprises enhances supply chain resilience.
  • The challenges and barriers to implementing effective PPPs and provides strategies for fostering collaboration and trust.
  • Real-world case studies illustrating the need for proactive risk management strategies.

By leveraging the strengths and expertise of both sectors, organizations can navigate risks, improve information sharing, and align their strategies with national and international initiatives, ensuring continuity in the face of potential disruptions.


  • Mona Harrington, Assistant Director, National Risk Management Center, CISA
  • Jeanette McMillian, Assistant Director – Supply Chain and Cyber Directorate, NCSC
  • Chris Oatway, Associate General Counsel, Verizon
  • Robert Mayer, SVP – Cybersecurity & Innovation, USTelecom


  • Charlie Mitchell, Editor and Co-Founder, Inside Cybersecurity

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