OSHA Safety Stand Down – Importance of Toolbox talks

OSHA Safety Stand Down – Importance of Toolbox talks

OSHA Safety Stand Down

May 3-7, 2021

Importance of Toolbox Talks


OSHA National Safety Stand-Down Week 2021 is here. A week where it is nationally encouraged for companies to spend a portion each day to focus on safety processes and culture within their organization. However, we all know that focussing on safety just 1 week a year is about 51 weeks short of where it should be.

One way that companies maintain a safety focus and instill the importance of safety within the company’s culture is through weekly safety meetings or toolbox talks. These are typically short 15 minute to 1 hour meetings at the start of the week or each day that focus on a specific subject for the team to concentrate on throughout the week. The schedule of these talks may vary based on the upcoming work they have for the week, a change in standards or a hot topic/trends within the industry that happened the previous week.

There’s no legal requirement to carry out toolbox talks daily, so if you’re not that frequent with them yet, don’t worry. But the law does require you to provide health and safety information, instruction and training. Toolbox talks can be part of this, and much more.




So where do you get started?

  • If you’re not currently doing toolbox talks with your company, OSHA Safety Standdown week is a perfect excuse to start!
  • Schedule a call with your team and simply talk about 1-3 hazards that your team will be navigating that week, any standards that relate to the hazards and what your company’s policy is on the hazards.
  • Keep it simple, don’t bore your guys in definitions and legal verbiage, use real world examples and get to the point to keep your guys engaged.
  • If you are really struggling with finding content or time to prepare your topics, Safety LMS offers a service for companies to receive a new toolbox talk once a week.
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