OSHA Safety Stand Down – Certification Management Portal

OSHA Safety Stand Down – Certification Management Portal

OSHA Safety Stand Down

May 3-7, 2021

Certification Management Tool

Staying on top of your crew certifications, with how many are now required across multiple industries, can be a headache – especially for smaller companies where everyone has multiple responsibilities.

OSHA Safety Stand Down week is a great time to make sure you have all of your training documents ready to go for the remainder of the year. Make sure that you aren’t sending your guys onto a site with expired certs, leaving your team open to being shut down by a safety auditor or worse – subject to a lawsuit if there happens to be an incident while the crew is on site and working with expired certifications

As with all things training – Safety LMS has developed a tool to do away with all of the hassle for you and your team.

Free to Safety LMS customers, companies will now be able to see all of their certifications in a single location, and with the click of a button disable old certifications or certificates of employees that are no longer with the company.

Click below for a preview of how simple it is!

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