Need Skilled Workers? Build your Workforce with Registered Apprenticeship

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10 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Apprenticeship

  1. Apprenticeship programs enable companies to improve their existing workforce by improving the skills of their employees if they participate in apprenticeship programs as incumbents.
  2. Apprentices can fill necessary positions while completing apprenticeship.
  3. Apprenticeship programs create lower worker turnover due to the fostering of greater worker loyalty and productivity.
  4. Apprentices that complete the program have higher productivity rates relative to similarly tenured employees.
  5. Apprentices have greater problem-solving ability and adaptability following program completion.
  6. The delivery of a consistent, structured training approach results in a decrease in errors and improved on time delivery.
  7. Training apprentices can help a company accommodate an aging workforce and capture critical knowledge and experiences prior to their retirement.
  8. For every dollar spent on apprenticeship, the employer sees a return on investment of $1.47 in increased productivity, reduced waste, and greater front-line innovation.
  9. On-the-job training is customizable to meet your company’s needs, ensuring that apprentices are proficient in the positions they will fill.
  10. Lower recruiting costs if hiring graduates from a quality pre-apprenticeship training partner vetted by WIA.

To learn more how apprenticeship may be a viable workforce development strategy for your organization, please contact Deb Bennett, Director of Apprenticeship at