NATE Announces 2021-2022 NATE-OSHA-FCC Strategic Partnership Company Participants

NATE Announces 2021-2022 NATE-OSHA-FCC Strategic Partnership Company Participants ​​

NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association congratulates the inaugural year participating companies in the NATE-OSHA-FCC Strategic Partnership for 2021-2022. 

The NATE-OSHA-FCC Partnership provides participants the opportunity to work cooperatively with OSHA, FCC and other contractors, to identify the most serious workplace hazards, develop workplace-appropriate safety and health management systems, share resources, and find effective ways to reduce work injuries, illness, and deaths. As a participant in the NATE-OSHA-FCC Strategic Partnership, as well as participating in the STAR Initiative program, participants are engaging in building the cooperative relationship with groups that have a vision of providing a safe and healthful work environment for all men and women.

The goals for this Partnership are to eliminate fatalities and reduce serious injuries and illnesses; establish root causes of fatalities, injuries, and illness; develop and implement best practices to eliminate the number of fatalities, injuries, and illness; develop and deliver training; communicate safety and health best practices within the industry; and establish an effective evaluation strategy to ensure that the goals of the Partnership are met. 

The benefits for the companies in the Partnership include enhancing the culture of worker safety and training within their companies and the opportunity to utilize the NATE STAR Initiative Safety Audit Documentation process to proactively identify safety deficiencies prior to work commencing at communication infrastructure sites. As a participant in the Partnership, OSHA participant inspections will normally result in compliance officers recommending good faith penalty reductions where the employer has fully implemented a written Safety and Health Management Program. Companies involved in this Partnership also have the opportunity to engage on various task teams needed to focus on relevant safety and health topics and to be on the front lines to improve safety in our industry. 

Inclusion in the Partnership demonstrates a commitment to the highest level of tower site and worker safety. Congratulations and thank you to the following NATE member companies who have been accepted into the NATE-OSHA-FCC Strategic Partnership for the 2021-2022 year:​

A&J Steel Reinforcing Services Inc.
A.R. Wireless, Inc.
Advanced Tower Services, Inc.
Advanced Wireless and Logistics, Inc.
Advanced Wireless Solutions, Inc.
Amatel, Inc.
ANS Advanced Network Services LLC
Ansco & Associates, LLC
Atlantic CommTech Corporation
Atlantic Construction Companies
B+T Group
Banner Enterprise LLC
B-C Walker, Inc.
Bright Lighting, Inc.
Centerline Communications LLC
Dan Combs Consulting Inc.
Diverse Construction, Inc.
Diversified Communications Services
Eastern Communications, Inc.
EasTex Tower, LLC
Eastower Communications Inc
ECS Telecom Services, LLC
Emergency Radio Service, Inc.
Engineering Wireless Services, LLC
ERI Installations, Inc.
Excalibur Builders and Maintenance,
Excel Construction, Inc.
FastTrac Telecom Services LLC
Fulton Technologies, Inc
Global Tank and Tower, LLC
Grapevine Solutions, Inc.
Green Mountain Communications, Inc.
Hayden Tower Service, Inc.
Heartland Solutions Corp.
Hightower Communications, Inc.
Illini Drilled Foundations, Inc.
Industrial Communications, LLC
Legacy Telecommunications, LLC
Maryland Premier Towers, LLC
Mason Wireless Solutions, Ltd.

Microwave Transmission Systems, Inc.
Murphy Tower Service, LLC
Network Installation Specialists, LLC
New Horizons Telecom, Inc.
Newkirk Electric Associates Inc
Noash Construction, Inc.
Northeast Towers, Inc.
Omega Development Company
One Way Wireless Construction
P. Marshall and Associates, LLC (TS)
Pathwave Inc.
Pillar Innovations LLC
Pinkham Cyr, Inc.
Power of Design Group, LLC
Pyramid Network Services
QualTek Wireless LLC
R & M Electrical Telecom/Maint., Inc.
Randal’s Tower Tech Inc.
RIO Steel & Tower, Ltd.
SAC Wireless LLC
SkyTower, LLC
Spectrum Construction Services, Inc.
Speelman Electric, Inc.
STERLING Telecommunications &
     Construction, Inc.
STS Communications, Inc.
Teltronic Towers, Inc.
TEST Communications
Texoma Contracting, Inc.
Thayer Power & Communication Line
     Construction Co., LLC
Tilson Technology Management, Inc.
Tower & Turbine Technologies LLC
Tower Communications Expert, LLC
Tower Inspection, Inc.
Tower Systems, Inc.
Tower Technologies, LLC
TowerMRL, LLC.
United Telecom Systems LLC
US Tower Services, Inc.
Vertical Technology Solutions, Inc
Vinco, Inc.
Wireless Horizon

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