Certification Management Tool – Stage 2!

Certification Management Tool – Stage 2!

Safety LMS Launches

Certification Management System


Over the past few months we have been busy onboarding companies to the FREE certification management tool and we have received some great reviews on the simplicity of the website.

As promised, we have launched stage 2 of the program that now automatically links your online training certs into the system that already hosted all ‘in person’ certifications

We put together a short video of how to get registered and navigate through the system, check it out below!

You can get in contact with Safety LMS at info@safetylms.com or call us at 512-710-5000

Click the picture below to watch the company portal video

*The Stage 2 rollout includes in-person and online Safety LMS certifications. Future upgrades will include 3rd party certifications also!

Contact Us


(512) 710-5000


Mon - Fri | 7:30am - 5:30pm (CST)

Dallas Headquarters
1075 S Beltline Rd
Ste 200
Coppell, TX 75019

Training Centers:

Atlanta, GA
Aurora, CO
Columbia, MO
Corona, CA
Dallas, TX
Pinckney, MI
Salt Lake City, UT

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