Bytes & Bandwidth – Empowering Communities: The Impact of Affordable Broadband

USTelecom’s Bytes & Bandwidth is an original podcast series created specifically for the broadband industry. During each 30-minute episode, we discuss the many life-changing opportunities made possible by broadband and how innovation is connecting communities.

In episode 4, host Brandon Heiner, senior vice president of government affairs at USTelecom, sits down with Jonathan Cannon, a policy counsel in technology and innovation at R Street Institute, and Dr. Fallon Wilson, vice president of policy at the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC). The three talk about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and how affordable broadband impacts communities and residents across the country.

Show Notes

Jonathan Cannon is a policy counsel in Technology and Innovation. He researches and writes policy papers, op-eds and blog posts about a variety of telecommunications issues including spectrum, net neutrality and the digital divide. Jonathan also engages directly with leaders on key policy issue areas and interacts with a range of national and local media outlets to educate and provide context on the most impactful technology and innovation policy.

Prior to R Street, Jonathan worked as an Attorney Advisor in the Office of Legislative Affairs at the Federal Communications Commission, he also served as the Acting Legal Advisor in the Office of FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington, and as an Attorney Advisor in the Wireline Competition Bureau, Pricing Policy Division.

Dr. Fallon Wilson, Vice President, Policy, leads MMTC’s work on three focus areas in the tech, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sectors. The sectors include: Technology, Data Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, and Civil Rights in the Digital Age; Infrastructure, Broadband Connectivity, and Digital Inclusion; and Multicultural Media Ownership and Content Diversity.

Prior to joining MMTC, Dr. Fallon Wilson co-founded #BlackTechFutures Research Institute and is the former Research Director of Black Tech Mecca. At Black Tech Mecca, Dr. Wilson created the Smart Black Tech Ecosystem Assessment to support local city leaders with building a thriving black tech ecosystem. Recently, she was awarded a Kauffman Foundation’s 2020 Open Knowledge grant to launch #BlackTechFutures Research Institute. #BlackTechFutures Research Institute builds a national network of city-based researchers and practitioners conducting research on sustainable local black tech ecosystems.

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