Blended Learning First Aid/CPR - Become An Instructor For $0 | Safety LMS

Blended Learning First Aid/CPR

Safety LMS have partnered with ProTrainings to bring a blended learning First Aid/CPR course to our customers!

The blended learning process consists of the portion of the class typically ran in classroom being hosted online, then after students have completed this, they are examined by an authorized skills evaluator.

Customers have the option of bringing on their own evaluator or having Safety LMS conduct the evaluations at one of our main training facilities.

Bringing on an examiner withing your company is 100% free to set them up, if they have a current CPR trainer certification they wont need to do any extra work.
If they don’t currently have a CPR Instructor certification, they will need to take a 2-3hr online course and be assessed by an evaluator from ProTrainings.

Cost for the training is $50/pp for companies with an evaluator and $80/pp if Safety LMS is performing the evaluations.

The ProTrainings curriculum is accepted and recognized at the same level that American Red Cross and American Heart Association certification are, but offering an extra flexibility for customers to have their employees do most of the training on their own time.

If you’d like any more information on the course please contact, call 512-710-5000 or simply reply to this email.