And the BEAD Goes on…

With the initial proposals for the BEAD funding program now before NTIA, please join USTelecom for an online conversation looking ahead to the next phases for implementation of BEAD.

Hear directly from representatives from NTIA, the New Jersey Broadband Office, and broadband providers who will share important insights into the process, timing, and next steps.


  • Sarah Morris, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Deputy Administrator, NTIA
  • Valarry Bullard, Director, New Jersey Broadband Office
  • Katharine Saunders, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Verizon
  • Pamela Sherwood, Vice President Regulatory, Compliance and Broadband Office, Brightspeed
  • Kristi Westbrock, CEO, CTC

USTelecom Moderators

  • Lynn Follansbee, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships
  • Diana Eisner, Vice President, Policy & Advocacy



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